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 Hourly Visits

..can include: feeding, watering, letting in/out, cleaning litter boxes or outside area and lots of play and TLC. If stalls need cleaning can do it for an additional charge. Can also make multiple daily visits. We can also administer meds that are already in place if needed, always saving ample time left for good old fashioned TLC.

Exercise and Play time

Walks are a wonderful way to spend shared time with our animals. A great way to expel excess energy, to get centered and calm. We want to minimize their stress and maximize their pleasure!! Whiskers & Tails can walk with your animal while already there or for a separate rate will come to your home specifically for that. 

Farm/Ranch Animals are also a part of Whiskers and Tails extended fur babes. Big or small we will do our best to give them the exceptional care they deserve! For further information: phn 360-620-2559/ email 

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