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Whisker's & Tail's Pet Services is a pet sitting service that offers our care in your home!! The number or size of your kiddo(s) isn't what's most important, the genuine love and attention that they'll receive is!! We offer multiple daily visits. September 2023 starts our ninth year in business and we pray we continue to build our business each and every year. First in Fallon, NV and now that we've moved to Cherokee Village, we offer our services to residents in Cherokee Village and the surrounding towns. Like before, we build our business, one family and their fur babe(s) at a time. There are a variety of reasons why people may need a pet care giver. Some include Surgery Appts, Home Recovery, Business travels, Family visits, Rest and Relaxation travel too. For whatever the reason, feel free to contact Whiskers and Tails so we can meet and set up your animal care. You can travel with ease knowing all your animals needs will be met while you're away. We look forward to hearing from you. 



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Phone: 360-620-2559

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on-call 7 days a week


Cherokee Village, Arkansas

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